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Hi there! We're Devan (Devvy), Kepler (Kep), and a few others! We're plural and cohabitate in this body of ours. It's okay to just call us one or the other — we mix a whole lot!

Devvy is a web developer with a love for declarative and functional programming, like Elm and SQL. They also have a love for the hardware of yesteryear. *points at username*

Kep loves doing hands-on arts and crafts. Lately, they've taken to learning sewing to try and make the clothes they actually want.

Game screenshot, Drawn eye contact 

oops ha ha guess I still have it (this was my fourth credit)

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I played Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo today, a game I used to play a lot as a kid. I don’t really have memories of it though.

But Sakura’s theme started playing and my single brain cell was /activated/

Vyvance has taken a toll on my coffee intake ability. This is what I’m reduced to. ;;

It’s my collie-versary! Three years of being this very good boy!

Before this, I used to be a New Guinea Singing Dog. They are also a very good dog.

transitioning is an arrow in the category of genders

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would agender be the identity element of the category of genders?

Misinfo shitpost 

it’s only seltzer if it’s from the Selters region of Germany; otherwise, it’s just sparkling water

They say it’s non-binary awareness week, but I’m still unfocused and oblivious as ever!

Drawn eye contact 

hm, I wonder what this could be…? 🤔

Though I've gone to work wearing XX-hi-tops and cable knit stockings before on several occasions, so I don't know why I worried about my appearance at all.

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Selfie, No eye contact 

It's been half a year since we last cut our hair. Usually we get fed up with it waving and curling, so we trim it back down. Plus the whole not wanting to look bad for work. But since we're still out of a job and don't really have anywhere to be, we've been trying to grow it out proper.

Good news: we have some neck fluffies now!

I love that my partners just habitually send me Bluey content any time they come across it

“I’m bad at this” and “this is fun” are not mutually exclusive

queer culture is blasting porter robinson and crying on the flight home to one partner after visiting another

Finally gonna go walk in circles in my bed three times and plop down for some sleep.

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Burning the midnight oil cleaning the kitchen pretty thoroughly.

Turns out when you have four or five shots of espresso because you're tuning your machine and trying each pull, it takes a while to work out of your system!

On the plus side, I can consistently whip up lovely caffeinated beverages for folks now. :bowie_heart:

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