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My name is Jay! Or Jupiter. Or Jupe. Or Yury. Take your pick.

I'm a leftist. I'm specifically an anarcho-communist.

I stand with: Black Lives Matter. Far-left radicals. Indigenous people. Queer people.

I stand against: Nazis. Police. Antisemitism. Colonialism. Islamophobia. Queerphobia of any kind. Ableism. Capitalism. Candy corn

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I'm a Russian who was adopted by a family I'm no longer on good terms with; I'm currently trying to reconnect with my heritage.

I'm agender with some fluid tendencies. This is a label of convenience; My gender is too weird to easily describe.

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I'm a writer, and my current project is a science fiction novel centered around two friends who decide to start a treasure hunting outfit.

My fursona is a big cat of a fictional species I made up for the aforementioned story! His ref is below

A new community-oriented Discord server for leftist furs is now up-and-running! If you'd be interested in checking out Furry Starship, let me know, and I might send you an invite 🚀

It would take some damn good art to dethrone Jupiter's interested gaze

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I still love this icon and it's not going anywhere soon

Horny / descriptive / genitals 

Things I love: Making out with someone while they squeeze and grope my belly. Having someone between my thighs while they lick my balls and suck my cock.

first thought after waking up: "need water"
second thought: "I'm cat"

YouTube gamer in traffic court: "Your honor, I was distracted on the road by the Ludonarrative Dissonance of owning a big pickup truck despite never needing to move things"

I've got my personal server already, but I'm currently in the process of setting up a new furry community server 👀 I'm not accepting invites yet, but if anyone would be interested in helping with moderation, let me know!

As a fat cat, I resent people calling billionaires "fat cats". They're not cool and cute like me


To my Dragon and Kobold friends/mutuals, I have 2 zines about dragons!

There will be 2 winners getting 1 zine each.

I will be picking randomly, one winner for each zine.

[If you are a friend or mutual that is a Dragon or a Kobold, reply with your best “grr” and state which Zine you’d like.]

Ends Saturday, I will keep this pinned.

(Art by Eli Spencer and Sophie Robin)

me four hours ago: need movie
me now: need water


Just because someone has trauma doesn't mean it's excusable when they hurt people. Their abuse is not tied to their trauma. As a victim, I've had my abusers say to me, "You don't know what I've been through". Yes, I do, but that's no fucking excuse.

Greenland was originally meant to be directed by Neill Blomkamp, and I kinda wish it was? Chappie was a bad movie but its only strengths were the things this movie sorely needed

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I also watched a film called Promising Young Woman. It was a fun ride as a thriller, but I think it fumbles its message about rape culture. It spends too much time giving (admittedly fun) gotcha moments, and not enough time addressing root causes.

Just watched a film called Greenland.

There's two types of disaster movies: Big and bombastic, or emotional and tense. This one was the latter, which is the type I prefer, but that still didn't save it from being just plain boring.

mutual aid request 

I’ve continued looking for employment and been trying to do everything I can since, including sex work. I haven’t been able to find anything since, I’ve been living off rice and eggs and anything my roommate doesn’t want to eat, and bills and rent are coming up soon. If you can, please help. I’ve been looking for work for close to 9 months now, but the only callbacks I’ve received are rejections.$chillauryn

As a fat cat, I resent people calling billionaires "fat cats". They're not cool and cute like me

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