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My name is Jay! Or Jupiter. Or Jupe. Or Yury. Take your pick.

I'm a leftist. I'm specifically an anarcho-communist.

I stand with: Black Lives Matter. Far-left radicals. Indigenous people. Queer people.

I stand against: Nazis. Police. Antisemitism. Colonialism. Islamophobia. Queerphobia of any kind. Ableism. Capitalism. Candy corn

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I'm a Russian who was adopted by a family I'm no longer on good terms with; I'm currently trying to reconnect with my heritage.

I'm agender with some fluid tendencies. This is a label of convenience; My gender is too weird to easily describe.

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I'm a writer, and my current project is a science fiction novel centered around two friends who decide to start a treasure hunting outfit.

My fursona is a big cat of a fictional species I made up for the aforementioned story! His ref is below

Yeah, I spoke too soon. The lag got horrendous again and I had to shut down early. I'm gonna try again tomorrow and hopefully I have better luck

My stream is doing pretty okay this time!! Join me for some quality EGG ADVENTURES

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Okay, I'm starting my stream back up! I had some connection and frame drop issues, but hopefully it goes better this time.

Venting about Twitch (the company) 

I'm incredibly frustrated. Tried to stream today and I was consistently getting 40-50% dropped frames and horrible lag on my stream. I know it's not my connection. This is an inexcusable way for Twitch to treat small streamers.

I'm going to try streaming again in at least half an hour while I try to do what I can to remedy this, but it seems like it's something on Twitch's end, given that I've looked into every possible problem I could unwittingly be causing.

Going live right now! Tonight we'll be playing Star Fox Adventures, Billy Hatcher, and maybe some Donkey Kong 64 if we have the time!

I think I'm gonna start my stream pretty late today and see how that goes! Maybe around 6 PM EST? I'll keep y'all posted

anyone who knows where to find good downloads for video game soundtracks should definitely give me some links

I used to wanna be a shapeshifter furry but I'm so deeply attached to being a cat that any other form my sona takes is decidedly secondary to me being catmode

It's looking like Dolphin is playing nicely with Streamlabs, so yeah, it's on!! We're gonna play some GameCube games y'all!

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my fursona's mane is designed the way it is because I wanted them to have the aesthetic benefits of both handsome short hair and gorgeous flowing long hair at the same time

Tomorrow I'll try to stream Star Fox Adventures again. Hopefully it works, but if not, I'll play Donkey Kong 64 instead!

people shouldn't need to worry about whether or not they're annoying. as long as they're a nice person, if someone finds them annoying, that's not their problem

I'm a fat masc nb cat and I'm literally so cute

Italian grandmas will always have a freshly-baked cake on standby, Just In Case

Kinda fucked up how twinks didn't exist until the 80s

Currently writing an enemies-to-lovers slash fic about Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore

Q: What kinda non-binary person are you?

A: *plays Mood Killer and Dorian Electra* this

I'm a fat masc nb cat and I'm literally so cute

It's also important to remember that some non-binary people don't identify as masc or femme

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Most of the nb representation out there is like... femme, skinny, tons of makeup, etc. and while looking that way is extremely valid, it's clear that this is what people think non-binary people ARE. That's so limiting and invalidating. Most nb people don't fit into that.

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