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My name is Jay! Or Jupiter. Or Jupe. Or Yury. Take your pick.

I'm a leftist. I'm specifically an anarcho-communist.

I stand with: Black Lives Matter. Far-left radicals. Indigenous people. Queer people.

I stand against: Nazis. Police. Antisemitism. Colonialism. Islamophobia. Queerphobia of any kind. Ableism. Capitalism. Candy corn

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I'm a Russian who was adopted by a family I'm no longer on good terms with; I'm currently trying to reconnect with my heritage.

I'm agender with some fluid tendencies. This is a label of convenience; My gender is too weird to easily describe.

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I'm a writer, and my current project is a science fiction novel centered around two friends who decide to start a treasure hunting outfit.

My fursona is a big cat of a fictional species I made up for the aforementioned story! His ref is below

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Mastodon has an abuse problem. Maybe someday I'll find the best way to be open about my experience with that, and why my experiences have led me to feel that way.

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MH (abuse mention) 

But given that they're still here, and have friends here, it may continue to be difficult for me to stay here. But I'll give it another try

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MH (abuse mention) 

Those abusers aren't related to any Mastodon meta or anything. This was very personal abuse that came from people who earned my trust and took advantage of it. I'm not blaming the platform for that, or even really the community.

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MH (abuse mention) 

I needed a break from Mastodon because my anxiety was bad for a long while, but I guess I'm... kind of back?

The reason I needed that break from Mastodon but not Twitter is... Complex. But a big part of it is that, while Twitter is overall a worse website, Mastodon gave me three entire friendships that turned abusive and worsened my trauma. Abusers exist just as much on Twitter, but somehow never reached me there like they did here. Being on Masto was getting unhealthy for me.

My lover, cuddling me at the base of a mighty tree: "Would it be too corny to carve something into the tree? Something that fits this romantic moment?"

Me, chuckling: "Not at all!"

*carves a QR code into the bark linking to Never Gonna Give You Up*

History professor: "Myths and legends were passed down in days of old through oral tradition-"

Me, standing up at my desk: "I'll show YOU oral tradition!!!" *beatboxes terribly*

Like, if you think these movies suck, I'll still think you're cool. Everyone makes mistakes

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People only think the Wachowski films Speed Racer and Jupiter Ascending are bad because they see that they're really silly but they haven't yet learned how to enjoy that

I genuinely think the weirdness in these movies is unironically super fucking cool, and I usually respect differing artistic opinions, unless we differ on this opinion, in which case HUGE disrespect

I love both of Dorian Electra's albums but Flamboyant is easily my favorite of the two. One of my favorite albums of all time

Okay, things look to be going better this time around performance-wise! Come join me while I play Opus Magnum, a cool puzzle game about alchemy!

haha nevermind! twitch decided I'd be getting over 60% dropped frames tonight

I'll attempt it again in a little bit and hopefully I have better luck

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Hey y'all! Tonight I'm gonna stream Opus Magnum, a cool puzzle game about alchemy! Come join me for a chill time!


rosé is just white girl juice but I kinda love it

I think that was my best stream so far. Fitting for one of my favorite game series of all time! Thank y'all so so much for tuning in!

My alert popups weren't working for most of the stream, so to make up for being unable to do shoutouts, I wanna thank LOVEgamesstudio, jebwrench, BxFenns, MIT_Battery, and petty_wolf for following during the stream!!

My stream is back up! Sorry for the technical difficulties y'all

I have to restart my stream due to a technical problem. I'll be back up ASAP!

calling rich people "fat cats" is throwing me under the bus and I don't appreciate it tbh

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