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My name is Jay! Or Jupiter. Or Jupe. Or Yury. Take your pick.

I'm a leftist. I'm specifically an anarcho-communist.

I stand with: Black Lives Matter. Far-left radicals. Indigenous people. Queer people.

I stand against: Nazis. Police. Antisemitism. Colonialism. Islamophobia. Queerphobia of any kind. Ableism. Capitalism. Candy corn

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I'm a Russian who was adopted by a family I'm no longer on good terms with; I'm currently trying to reconnect with my heritage.

I'm agender with some fluid tendencies. This is a label of convenience; My gender is too weird to easily describe.

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I'm a writer, and my current project is a science fiction novel centered around two friends who decide to start a treasure hunting outfit.

My fursona is a big cat of a fictional species I made up for the aforementioned story! His ref is below

The reason why you'll never see lipsyncing or pre-recorded instrumentals in stage musicals is because these productions will vary in places by mere seconds in each showing, which isn't meaningful to the audience, unless one of the many moving parts that make up the production falls out-of-sync.

With everything controlled live, you can have everyone be in-sync enough that they can go along with slight differences. Having an inflexible element would make these shows impractical to do.

Another beautiful thing about it is the collaborative nature of it. You have to have an acute awareness of where everyone is around you, what they're doing, when *you* need to do your part, etc.

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Singing, acting, and dancing are all challenging on their own, but doing them all at once in a production where everything *must* happen on-time, often to the second? One of the hardest things humans can do tbh

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Years of training goes into the profession, not to mention the many months of rehearsal *per* show

When I watch a musical I'm acutely aware of the complexity, the actors performing around moving setpieces, making it look effortless

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It's not just that theatre has a lot of triple threats (actor, singer, dancer); You basically *need* to be one in order to get by. Sure, there are non-musical stage plays, but they're uncommon, and not the most reliable work

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Musical stage shows are exhausting to be in. Massive respect to anyone who can put themselves through the same tiring routine multiple days a week for a full year, acting their best and moving with perfect precision every single night

I'm just trying to live my genderfluid autistic life in peace but my sleep is all kinds of fucked up rn

Hey what if I fucked around and took a nap? A small sleepy treat, just for me?

*walks up to a couple* So who's the Rick and who's the Morty?

I'm gonna go feel my femme using a kickass sequined red top

I'm not joking, I have one and it's iconic


I've convinced myself that many of my friendships are somehow dependent on me being "masculine" or "daddy" to them, and I'm scared that if I'm ever not that, those friendships will fall apart. They'll lose interest in me until I'm back in a masc phase. I don't want that, I really just want people who love me regardless of that.

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I'm still definitely attracted to being seen as masculine, but not all the time, and definitely not now. I've been neglecting the feminine side of me for a long time, and I've only now realized why.

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I'm definitely still non-binary genderfluid, I'm totally sure of that, but I wanna try being more forward about my femme side. It's been years since I've known I'm genderfluid and I still don't know quite what that looks like.

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Lately I've been feeling hollow, like I'm not who I should be. I've lived with this feeling all my life and it's so tough to shake, nothing eliminates it, and I think part of it might be that I don't really lean into the femme side of my genderfluidity spectrum.

the music of communism in the 2020s is hyperpop and Britney Spears

if I were a musician/performer my vibe would be some kinda mix between Dorian Electra and Britney Spears from her first album to Circus

The flow of the Hedgehog Engine's gameplay is just... so incredibly good?? They pushed the sense of speed farther than ever before, which is admittedly a huge risk to gameplay, but they didn't fuck it up!! It's a joy to play! Even just watching it is amazing!

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Sonic Generations and the day stages of Sonic Unleashed were the closest Sega ever got to perfecting the 3D Sonic formula and then they just immediately threw it away

Sorry to the fans of Lost World and Forces but those games just aren't 3D Sonic to me

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