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Nintendo Switch FC - SW-6327-8610-0132 (only add me if i can recognize you, otherwise i'll reject you, sorry!)
Lewd alt account (18+ only nerds): @JennyIsGay

Twitter account:

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Here's most of the OC's I've either made (and own) or adopted! Not all are shown here, cuz... I don't have a good reason, they're just not there lol

spent the past hour and a half drawing a camera where most of the detail of it will probably be lost on places like twitter where it will compress the fuck out of it when it's a tiny object

anyways how is your day going

latest art piece i have in mind is currently using 11 reference images

this is gonna be complex lol

every time i see a pichu, my brain halts all operations and proceeds to stare at the pichu for hours

duplicates myself 50 times and causes chaos

y'all ever think about when pichus go and say "pichu"?

shit is absolutely wild

i have drawn something incredibly cursed

this image has crashed my browser twice at this point, and i have used it as reference for some art that's now on patreon lmao

be a patron now and you can witness This but it's a pikachu

i have put an unreasonable amount of research into drawing a meme image, but here i am

i will not rest until i get a pichu plushie the size of a 3 story house

went on an adventure and found two extremely ancient twitter alt accounts i had

both of their last uses were me begging someone to still me my friend lmfao

the only time i use the word cringe to ever describe anyone is for myself

i would never call anyone else cringe

but me?

i'm the cringe rabbit

welcome to twitter dot com, where this advanced hellscape has ads within ads

always thinking about how i'm obsessed with pichu, but then i am also literally pichu

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