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Nintendo Switch FC - SW-6327-8610-0132 (only add me if i can recognize you, otherwise i'll reject you, sorry!)
Lewd alt account (18+ only nerds): @JennyIsGay

Twitter account:

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Here's most of the OC's I've either made (and own) or adopted! Not all are shown here, cuz... I don't have a good reason, they're just not there lol

one day i'll also find someone who's obsessed with VHS just as much as i am,

and then we can not watch VHS tapes together because we'll be hundreds of miles apart :(

me and julia were cooking

i was peeling onions and this happened. i swear i didnt intentionally make it like that. like, completely honestly

i slept in with a terrible migraine and my pokemon day bot manages to Fuck Up, amazing

at least it posted :pichu:​ :pichu:​ two of them, so i can forgive it because that just means my bot loves pichus just as much as me

like, i've tried to feign interest in it before to try to fit in, but idk, i just don't like halloween lol

i will gladly take pumpkins being everywhere tho

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behold: i am the only creature on this planet who doesn't care for halloween

i like autumn i just never really cared for halloween :( and it sucks cuz i'm the only one who's like this, everyone i know is just raving about it non-stop

after much trouble-shooting i finally got my last update thing working for dpkg systems... i think

anyways i got the rock64 up and going

oh, this also features my 4:3 pan n scan version of the sonic 2 movie btw :p

i'm hoping to somehow find a way to release the files for that some day, for the... 2 other people interested

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after much, much struggling with getting this to work, i finally have what i've been wanting

close captions working natively on a good ol CRT, using line 21/EIA-608, thanks to the power of this github repo someone made (and helped fix for me!)

SSTV SDX Image received on 7.171 MHz LSB at 2022-09-29 03:32:11 UTC
#sstv #SDX #7171

i just hope the hurricane doesn't head right for us, cuz it seems to be steering for the piedmont region, which i happen to be in (or, next to, i can't remember)

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