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Nintendo Switch FC - SW-6327-8610-0132 (only add me if i can recognize you, otherwise i'll reject you, sorry!)
Lewd alt account (18+ only nerds): @JennyIsGay

Twitter account:

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Here's most of the OC's I've either made (and own) or adopted! Not all are shown here, cuz... I don't have a good reason, they're just not there lol

if people are gonna hate on me, so be it, that just means they're lame and i shouldn't care about 'em~

they're clearly not powerful enough to handle me

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the moment i stopped giving a fuck and started being myself unabashedly is the moment i started being truly happy with myself

yeah people are gonna hate me for who i am, but i don't give a fuck lmao, that just means i weeded out the people who would've betrayed me later on

i've done did a thing

i originally envisioned these two fursonas to be teens, but didn't actually design them as such till now due to me not being confident

but... now i am confident in myself!

so uh yeah, look at these Small Critters

apparantly sonic 06 is back up on the xbox marketplace

which means not only did sega take it down for some reason, but they made the conscious decision to bring it back up lmfao

the possibility of an eevee flipping your entire house upside down is non-zero :eevee:​

first match gave me a server that already finished the round, not only that it's filled with bots

wow who could've seen that coming

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my gender is 2 floppy disks, both of which contain two parts of a large image of a skunk

hi yes i will now steal all ur candy

you can not stop me, this is inevitable,

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