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Nintendo Switch FC - SW-6327-8610-0132 (only add me if i can recognize you, otherwise i'll reject you, sorry!)
Lewd alt account (18+ only nerds): @JennyIsGay

Twitter account:

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Here's most of the OC's I've either made (and own) or adopted! Not all are shown here, cuz... I don't have a good reason, they're just not there lol

me: favorites post

mastodon interface, in it's infinite glory: what if i immediately unfav'd it

⚠️ warning ⚠️

bunny will now combust into flames

thinking about how wild it is that modern intel CPUs have iGPUs that can actually run PS3 and Switch emulators without much issue

like, man

surreptitiously stretches myself in a way that gets me in cuddling distance of you

rapidly accelerating scorbunny

nothing can stop them from accelerating even more

just a reminder that i am literally :scorbunny:​ irl

i hate the american banking systems we have in place

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