I've updated my font VCR Jazz Mono for (hopefully) the last time!

v3.0 features some new Unicode characters, mainly stuff that can be interpreted as either input devices, or just stuff on a camcorder!

As always, download is here!

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Oops, if you downloaded this within the first like, 5 minutes of me posting this, there were a few errors I forgot to fix!

It's all fixed up now tho! Enjoy :p

Also here's a fixed up view of the first image, I just realized there's some ugly aliasing artifact going on

A couple of final things; I've updated my blog post on the subject (which I wrote a lot on, it's just me documenting how I made this font!)

And it includes the entire character set!

And I cleaned up the 2nd preview pic!

@efi i'm not smart with font terms, but the font was designed to be 38px tall, or really 18px tall

anything a multiple of 18 should work

@EeveeEuphoria that's an interesting set of characters you chose, so I had to make a list to figure out how to input them =P

@EeveeEuphoria oh gosh this is completely perfect for a couple things i already had in mind!

may i ask the rights and preference for crediting?

@EeveeEuphoria This is really cool, mind if I use it on my website? And if so, how should I credit you?

@EeveeEuphoria Gotcha, gotcha. I'll link your website somewhere on mine, that okay?

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