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Aaaaa my friend Eclair (@flat_pumpkin on Insta) drew this for me as a surprise! Aaaa look she’s so fucking rad 💀🐀

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if you want to support a struggling trans nonbinary musician/ photographer

it'd be much appreciated as I don't profit off of my work, but I do need to eat and pay bills

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My friend Katie got me a commission of me!!!!! Look!!!! I’m a cool hot goth e-rat!!!!

(Had to edit a word)

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Everybody look!!!! It’s me, Gumby!!!! Thank you so much to for making me look so perfect and cute and rad aaaaaaaa!! 💚🐀

$ help rent (sorry 😣) 

I’m sorry to be asking again. I know I need a new job but it isn’t exactly easy right now. I’m doing my best not to be frivolous and only get what I need.

I hate beggin all the time, it’s embarrassing, and I’d like to be able to hold my own for once, maybe even be able to help others. Sorry y’all. Thanks for reading. I owe everyone so much more than I can give back. Just hope I can still be a good presence around here.

CashApp: $GumbyRat

Kofi in bio

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$ help rent (sorry 😣) 

Hey all. I know I ask for help a lot but this month is gonna be a big hard.

It’s no secret that I’m visiting my girlfriend at the end of the month, but currently I just don’t have enough money to be able to pay rent that is due while I’ll be with her.

I’ve tried to save up money for this trip, but between using a paycheck made this month to pay for rent the month before, and purchasing necessities and groceries this month, I just will not be making enough.

$350 = goal

PH- MH- - 

Had a breakdown earlier because of ADHD frustration and false memories for like, an hour. Just because I couldn’t find my mask for work. And then finally as I’m headed there, I have an accident on my bike and skin my hands. I’m crying because I’m so overwhelmed and I feel like the world is always against me. I just want to have a normal day for once.

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At this point, the news that something false was said about Flipp has reached more eyes than people who had seen the original post. But this must be repeated for certainty.

Flipp was not the individual in a D/S relationship with Gumby. They never even knew each other. Flipp is not an abuser. This is a mistake Gumby may never live down, she could not be more sorry to Flipp and to the people she misled.

Disregard the rumor and forward this message to everyone you shared it with. It has to stop.

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Let it also be known that ruining lives and running people out of the community was never the intention.

This was not meant for Flipp or their partners. Don't enable further misunderstandings and fights. This does not need to escalate further than setting the record straight.

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fuckin uuuuuh sketch comms

literally have me throw something together in like 15 mins: £3

messy sketch: £6

sketch: £8

monochrome: plus £4

complicated anatomy (wings, multi-tails, etc): 15 - 20% of price

backgrounds extra 30 - 50%

extra charterers: 30% of price
you can use any of my ocs (lets be real if you do this its gonna be Tomi) for free as a *second* character

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sorry for the typos. I meant “many friends” and “caused their friends to doubt them”

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Everything I said about Flipp the Skunk was a lie. We were not in a relationship of any sort. They did not abuse me in any way. We only had a disagreement over something entirely different once. As far as I know, Flipp is a smart person with may friends that care about them, but my actions have caused their forensic to doubt them. This is not ok. I hurt Flipp.

Love to make some cool techno shit on my Volcas lmao

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New profile picture!

Embrace birb.

Commission by Dupey Draws (

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Selfies, ec :boost_ok:​ 

Maaayyybe tried a bit too hard to put something together for y'all this morning. 💙 :heart_trans:

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nsfw, furry art comm 

Sketch + Monochrome for DemoWeasel

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Stream Promo 

Aaaaa stream in 50 minutes! Gonna be at it again with the block slicing. #beatsaber :blobfox3cevil:​ 💙

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Birthday stream 

Birthday Marathon stream. Fireworks simulator now, YouTube trash later:

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