I traded my Rift S for an Oculus Quest 2, a comparison 

Quest 2 is incredibly good visually. Even streamed over Wifi or cable, it looks better than the Rift S. The higher frame rate is great but the improved clarity is massive.

Comfort: The Quest 2's default strap I find more comfortable than the Rift S's halo strap. I don't really see a need to replace the default strap, though a lot of people report that it doesn't work well for them.

Oculus Quest 2 review continued 

Wireless via Virtual Desktop is fantastic for most games. The visuals and tracking are without issues and hand tracking carries through for specific use cases. I thought I'd enjoy beat saber playing directly on the quest 2, but it feels terrible compared to desktop even over quest link. Beat Saber is really the only game I will need the wire for.

Oculus Quest 2 review continued 

Native games tracking is fine, except beat saber feels off for some reason. Over virtual desktop, tracking should be great for 99% of games - I was able to play expert plus on beat saber but it does feel a tad jello-y when you're going that fast.

Over the wire, it feels identical to the Rift S. Video example of tracking just killing it on a wide n fast beat saber song. When I recorded this I was sure to swing wider than normal. Misses were my own.

Oculus Quest 2 review conclusion 

Quest 2 is a good follow up and trading it was a good idea. I sold my Rift S on /r/hardwareswap super easily and it paid for my Quest 2.

Oculus Quest 2 review conclusion 

For the record, beat saber over quest link feels better than beat saber over virtual desktop feels better than native quest 2 beat saber.

I don't know why it's such a bad port, but it's a bad port.

Oculus Quest 2 review conclusion 

@kindred if you haven’t yet, check out getting a VR Cover! vrcover.com/

And maybe some knuckle straps for the controllers too

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