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They ask me, do you feel like a guy or a girl, when in reality I just feel like a dog

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Mutuals feel free to ask me for my telegram or discord if you want to talk with me outside of here btw

I prefer throw it back thursday over throwback thursday

Just thinking, what size do other people who draw digitally use for their canvases? Like 2000x2000 or whatever

re: deltarune chapter 1 spoilers kinda, idk fun fact? 

also fun fact, Susie's red buster is the fastest way to take down the king and is what you always should be going for, but a hidden mechanic not really said anywhere to my knowledge is that spamming the use run and inventory keys quickly will make the attack do more damage, up to 20 more I think with really good mashing

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deltarune chapter 1 spoilers kinda 

I just got the best idea to replace the kings theme in deltarune with bad guy so when he says "I'm the bad guy" and the fight starts you just start hearing the bassline lmao

Replaying deltarune I beat Jevil on the first try... it took me 4 hours the first time I beat him...

re: deltarune 

I can confirm the leaves on susies head still float

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re: deltarune 

they haven't fixed the floating pixel on lancers bucket. i will update you on if the leaves on Susies head also still float

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sex toys, question, boost + 

does anyone know any queer (most importantly trans-friendly) online sex toy stores that they can recommend? preferably in the eu

re: deltarune 

they've updated deltarune chapter one since I last played, there's more settings, you can rebind keys without going into the files, the higher speed fullscreen on monitors above 60hz is fixed and I think some of the audio is slightly different... now I want to look for more secrets.

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re: deltarune 

I'm very ready to speedrun chapter 2 as well

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Wait google shut down the groovy discord bot? Specifically that one or just music bots in general?? Because people are making it sound like it was specifically groovy

I just wanna be affectionate with cuties

I'm awake before 1 PM. This must be a new record

Does anyone actually use OperaGX? i just keep seeing generic youtubers being sponsored by them

Lewd, cursed, really bad, I'm sorry in advance 

Eating that dick like a corn on the cob

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