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ways to support me, covid mention 

Hey! If you want to help me with stuff, for example I'm currently saving money for both trying to get a drivers license and to have my partner visit me here in sweden when covid stuff is over. You can help me with these if you want, and if you'd like you can get commissions for drawings out of it!



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Mutuals feel free to ask me for my telegram or discord if you want to talk with me outside of here btw

Can't wait for someone to say the robot prosthetic options is halo infinite is "SJW" or something.

A captain crunch oops all berries box but instead it's a picture of me and it says oops all smooches

Wanna like move everything on my desk around to clean and get more space and stuff. But I'm too lazy, someone wanna come over and do it for me? I'll pay you in smooches

I love the fact that MKW rebalance mod rebalances every vehicle except the flame runner since it's the best, and the baby booster because it's funny that the only garbage vehicle in the game

Holy shit the X-plorer guitar hero guitar is so fucking expensive wtf

When I was a kid I thought Ness and Ice climbers where from the same game

I missed that xbox made a xbox minifridge because of how many people said the series X looks like a fridge lmao

Maybe light blue when happy, yellow is stressed, purple scared, pink when affectionate / in love what ever, red angry and dark blue sad? Idk jusr brain storming.

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The station it left from was the first station of it's route as well so I guess the driver just decided they were bored and wanted to leave early

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Was going to go into town to hang out with a few friends, but the bus I was going to take decided to leave from the station 2 minutes early and not stop when the driver clearly saw me rushing towards it. Love public transit at times.

Semi see through coloured parts that kinda is like glass? that changes colour depending on mood??? hmmm fun ideas...

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Mario Party Superstars, screenshot of a discord message so probably not screen reader friendly 


re: fight sticks, asking for help and tips! 

The F101 to be clear isn't 90, it's 45. Which is a lot better!! But I feel at that price range I'm scared it's going to be super low quality and just be throwing the money down the drain? The 90 one I was looking at was the 8bitdo arcade stick

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