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Commission info! SFW furry art 

Hey!! I'm open for commissions! I do either bust shots, they start at 12€ for flat colors with plain backgrounds, 15€ for a shaded version, also with plain or lightly detailed backgrounds. Or I also do 3/4th shots. Starting at 17€ for flat colors with a plain background and 20€ for a shaded with a plain background or a lightly detailed background. I don't do NSFW right now as I want to practice NSFW more before charging for it. Here are some examples!

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ways to support me, covid mention 

Hey! If you want to help me with stuff, for example I'm currently saving money for both trying to get a drivers license and to have my partner visit me here in sweden when covid stuff is over. You can help me with these if you want, and if you'd like you can get commissions for drawings out of it!



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Self promo, music stuff 

Deep end and the first song I posted, now called Atmos is out on my soundcould if that's something someone wants to follow and it's some songs you actually want to listen to. We'll see I might post more stuff there.

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Mutuals feel free to ask me for my telegram or discord if you want to talk with me outside of here btw

Computers, family+ 

I've been saving money for quite a while to try ans upgrade my PC. And the PC I was looking at went on sale so its was 250$ cheaper. But I still didn't have enough. I had saved up about 750$ and I needed 500 more. My parents decided to be nice enough (ywah I know, them being nice shocker) to lend me the last 500 I needed to get it and that I pay that money off. So uuuhh new PC ordered and is arriving within the next 2 weeks. I'm hyped!

:heart_trans: Mattie :over18: barked

Me: *writes the last letter in my password wrong*
My brain: Ok now you need to rewrite the whole thing

I never knew Girl in Red is Norwegian

Why is just sitting on a bus nice? Just riding around listening to music, its very relaxing for some reason

Kinda shitpost kinda not about the last post 

The Phantom has a damage drop off starting at 15 meters. At that range it will no longer be a 1 shot headshot, and even more at 25 then 50 meters but post 50 meters no more drop off. Its got higher fire rate and less of a kick in the recoil to account for this. Vandal is always a one shot headshot from all ranges but has slower rate of fire and the recoil jumps around more sporadically. I hate that this takes up space in my brain

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:heart_trans: Mattie :over18: barked

$ pet supplies, therapy and meds 

Hey, I could really use some help still. I need to get my hedgehog some conditioner to help with her itching, as well as some soap and grooming supplies. She needs a bigger enclosure at some point, but that's for the future when I get paid next. But these other things she needs ASAP.

I also still need help paying for meds when those get prescribed to me on the 11th. Sorry ;-;

Khr/Chr is y'all see this ur only allowed to boost lmao

My brain has a hard time remembering any small info that could be useful in the future about real life. But remembering the differences between the Phantom and the Vandal in Valorant or the A1 and A4 in Cs? Got that shit memorised

Slight spoilers for Alice in Borderland season 1 

Yes, this is a game where they have to figure out who the murderer is in a group of a bunch of people.

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:heart_trans: Mattie :over18: barked

Alice in Borderland did it before Among Us became popular

re: ranting about ranked systems 

Rivals of Aether is even more of a joke when it comes to this. Specifically that the ranked system requires you to win 5 matches per rank to rank up, you can get placed against people in way higher teirs than you. Last game I played I got placed against a plat player. I'm in bronze because I haven't played since ranked reset. But I am sure as hell not plat. And no one even plays ranked either way the entire community just plays casual so they can stomp bad players

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re: ranting about ranked systems 

I'm looking at you Apex, Rivals of Aether and probably a bunch of other games I can't remember

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ranting about ranked systems 

Ranked systems in games where everyone starts at the bottom and works their way to the top are, and listen to me now, fucking stupid and never really balanced for the lower end of the ladder. Especially if the average rank isn't the lowest but somewhere a bit higher. Its just going to lead to a non stop cycle of the bad players getting stomped and not having fun as some new players come in and might already be better at it than them from other similar games.

I wanna get the new Prime Karambit in Valorant but 35$ for a knife in a video game... that's waaay too fucking expensive

Bubblegum or the new unnamed wolf sona wearing Astra from Valorants clothes tbh

Meeting with my doctor in about 15 minutes about transition stuff, wish me luck!!

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