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Anyone wanna play beyond melee, p+ or just regular melee friendlies? Let me know

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They ask me, do you feel like a guy or a girl, when in reality I just feel like a dog

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Mutuals feel free to ask me for my telegram or discord if you want to talk with me outside of here btw

Life is unfair , why can't I just be puppy? Why do I have to do things I hate?

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Its about as much of a shit show as I remember. About 50 players landed tilted here

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the new huge dino is a baby though I love them

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tilted towers is back. Can't wait for 90% of the lobby to die there again and have it ruin the flow of matches

I have an announcement to make. I'm gay as fuck

The real reason I bought a 2060 was to play minecraft with pretty shaders even though it's not required for it

apparently there is actually like deep lore to fortnite lol, and part of it seems to be that some group just controls the multiverse or some shit? And they just kinda fuck around with it and add whoever they want into another universe which I guess is supposed to explain why master cheif and Rick are flossing on narutos dead body

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hi all, thank you for all the donations the other day but sadly i wasn't able to reach the needed amount. i still need another 150 to keep me through to the end of the month.

before Christmas there were some problems with pay. bonuses were rescinded at the last minute and my mum, for whom i care as she has fibromyalgia, was declined her benefits. anything helps as i'm down to less than five pounds for the month. :blobcatheart:

And when I first saw it I thought "huh OK I mean I guess cool" but it can actually be such a useful system. For example. Just now, I saw it was getting late. Thought to myself "I'll do one more thing before bed" and then it was 2 am

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I can't remember for the life of me which game it was but there was a game I was testing out for a bit that had a "remind me it's late" setting that you could set a time where the game would open a pop up window telling you it's late and to remember to sleep. Of course you could just close that pop up window down to do the classic "just one more thing" then whoops it's 4 am and it had a system for that too. Where if you closed down the alert and kept playing it would auto log out after 30 min

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Other games: What you haven't logged in each day for the last 3 weeks and played at least 2 hours each day?? Fuck you.


I'm dissapointed that nintendo didn't do pokemon gun

tbh the thing ubisoft is doing with R6 extraction is kinda cool where if one person buys the game their friends get to play it for free for a bit to test it out so you don't have to convince 2 people to buy a 40€ game to play with you, at least not right away.

I played wordle and one of the words I tried was Jorge. You know a way that you can spell Gorge, it said it wasn't in the word list so I thought names wasn't in the word list... the word ended up being Gorge.

Testing out warframe for the first time in a couple of years and like holy shit the default sensitivity is high. It starts at 50 and I needed to put it to legit 0 to have it close to a usual sens for me

tbh thinking about just making a normal fox sona. Like not pink or whatever like bubblegum, just kinda normal fox and while it might be boring i don't really give a shit because I feel like that'll give me more of a blank canvas to work with -w- also just foxes are good.

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