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Anyone wanna play beyond melee, p+ or just regular melee friendlies? Let me know

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They ask me, do you feel like a guy or a girl, when in reality I just feel like a dog

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Mutuals feel free to ask me for my telegram or discord if you want to talk with me outside of here btw

guh I lost connection and got kicked from final fantasy for no reason and now I'm stuck in a 300 person queue

oh fuck my sub is running out in a few days damn it

The bard job is so fucking gay I love it. Let me just put on my mix tape of songs for the party to get hyped to while we beat up cool monsters

I bought skullgirls btw, anyone wanna help teach me the game? aka beat me up for a few hours

*Walter White voice* I am the one who fox

I find it way more annoying than I should that they use calculators and stuff during Minecraft speedruns and it doesn't count as TAS

*Walter White voice* I am the one who fox

When are they making a life sized dragonite plushie?

Yo wait what?? Overgrowth the fighting game about anthro bunnies kicking each other into orbit actually was still getting updates and is modded to all hell??? And it's 6 bucks?? Sure, I wanna kick bunnies into space

Just got back from taking bath in the lake close to my house and holy shit it was perfect in the water. Very nice compared to the 31C it is in the air :dragnsweats:

Anyone got any good games to recommend on the steam summer sale I should check out?

petition to rename the gamer lean to "shrimp mode"

It's pretty funny how well the baby metal gearbox uses for the Tiny Tina trailer fits tbh

petition to rename the gamer lean to "shrimp mode"

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