Mochi, post spay, living her best shaved belly life. I wish I could recover from surgery so quickly.

Things I was not expecting: Disenchanted taking a hard right turn into lesbian relationships and I’m all for it.

I am starving for cat cuddles. I’m temporarily living in my cousins house and her cat, Rudy, thinks I’m *suspicious* when in reality I just want to give her all the pets and treats.

At least when I get back home in 2 weeks I’ll have 8 cats waiting to accept my affection (it would be 9 but Batman is uninterested in pets)

Wanna join a group of kind, fluffy friends to hang out and chat, as well as play games with?

I admin a Discord for just such fun! It is moderated by a few folks to keep it fun.

We do a weekly game night on Thursdays, 7-10PM EST

I have a ref sheet now! Credit: Pupydogeyes (who I’m not sure is on Masto?)

Getting pastries at a Danish bakery before shopping at a Swedish furniture store.

Just spent $170 on bacon and other smoked meats, as one does when in Wisconsin.

meat, food 

I keep meaning to use this platform more. So here’s a bacon-wrapped meatloaf I made tonight.

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