I need a button that's something aline of 'liking someone's like'
Like... "I acknowledge that you acknowledged me :)"

I was sitting through a call my mom was having in the car, and someone literally said "Oh woah, what's this?" and I wanted to burst out laughing so bad

mutual aid request 

I’ve continued looking for employment and been trying to do everything I can since, including sex work. I haven’t been able to find anything since, I’ve been living off rice and eggs and anything my roommate doesn’t want to eat, and bills and rent are coming up soon. If you can, please help. I’ve been looking for work for close to 9 months now, but the only callbacks I’ve received are rejections.


I want to keep writing but my brain feels like sandpaper, I can't even move onto something new when my head is empty lol

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Who actively enjoys reading? I have a shit ton of material I can throw your way lmao

Why do I feel the urge to do 20 million things now when I'm so exhausted

Imagine instead of using a clicker, you start training your dog with a wooden train whistle

Idk if anyone else has certain words where it just doesn't sound good or satisfying to say out loud

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Tbh I don't call the people I like cute very often because I don't like how it sounds coming out of my mouth but maybe I should start saying it more anyway

exercise, ph 

Hey everyone, I'm dangerously close to being able to pull off doing a full splits and I'm thinking I should train myself until I actually get to that point considering I should be stretching and moving my body more anyhow

funds needed, please boost 

a friend of mine is still waiting on a stimulus check and needs money for food and bills in the meantime. one of our buddies set up a gofundme. if you're able, please help her out :ameowbongo:

boosts are appreciated! thanks :blobcat:


Fire Emblem posting 

I beat Sacred Stones! I only had two chapters when I left it off this morning. Since there are two different routes halfway through the game I want to play it at least one more time as a soft iron man, and then a last time where I keep everyone alive again but grind out the post-game and max out everyone's stats for posterity.

*does a gay little walk into the room, sighs dramatically, and drapes myself over whatever furniture is nearby*

I can't sleep

*Puts my hand over my forehead like Victorian fainting in film*

Sure would help if somebody could... Cuddle with me

thirst posting 

I need a sub I can cuddle with, please

nsfw shitpost 

Imagine furiously jacking off in a closet, and someone opens the door and your response is, “Dude what the fuck I’m doing hot girl shit right now!”

cont. writing in video games in general 

Which leads to the bigger discussion of how good does video game writing have to be anyway? It certainly never has to be the focus, but I'd like to set the bar somewhere around 'Having an interesting female lead' and 'Not showing your hand of artificially raising tensions'

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Fire Emblem posting 

I think I get why everyone likes L'Arachel now, but it makes me sad that her characterization was so much stronger than Eirika's.
Sacred Stones is one of those games that stands out in my mind as "Hey the writing didn't have to be THAT bad"


Ummm, excuse me I'm doing slightly below the bare minimum of physical activity every day and you're telling me that if I don't want my body to feel like shit I need to do more??

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