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fursona reference sheet, barbie doll nudity 

fursona post! my gay son

🎨 :

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woooo introductions! hi i'm arb, i'm gay. i'm a stoat. trying to get out of my shell a little more and make some friends. interests include fighting games, tabletop rpgs, board games, anime, and you! :ablobcathappypaws:

i'm not sure how to cw this, uh weird physical health i guess 

do you ever roll your head around on your shoulders and listen to your spine crackle

food, dumb 

meal prep but instead of storing the food for later you eat it all immediately

i don't care if it's midnight i'm putting on a sweater when i get home


i am so cold someone pls hold me until i am warm thanks

is this what the kids mean when they say vibing

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in the mood to just go sit in the woods

just got out of the shower.... fresh clothes from the dryer.... snuggled up in a blanket..... coziness achieved

fighting game bs 

why does street fighter have so many buttons? my 3 button anime game brain can't handle it

regretting cheaping out on my new lenses. i'm sorry i took you for granted, anti-glare coating

fighting game bs 

maining amaterasu and phoenix wright in umvc3 to cope with them not being in smash


new glasses new glasses new glasses new glsses

leave work early and take a nap challenge

the solution to feeling cranky at work is obviously commissioning more furry art

gonna build another fightstick and put my fursona on it

if i was your server at the puppy cafe would you still tip me even though i'm not a puppy

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