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I got a new ref sheet from!

Love puppy me :bowie_heart:

Hey, I've got more slots for high-quality vector emoji commissions, DM me if you're interested! ^^

Me planning to go on a little vacation once the pandemic has finally calmed down properly

one bad pun 

You watch Spaghetti Westerns for the plot?

Yeah! Can't beat a good marinarrative.

the four american genders:
-american boy
-american girl
-american idiot
-american pie

Second entry in my Classic Furries wallpapers. I sometimes say how this series didn't work - for one, I tried to unify very different art styles, and I had few natural scenes to pair furries up in. It was all rote, stiff, "just two things" design that I couldn't enjoy.

selfie, ec, :boosts_ok_gay: 

Ok look, I'm showing off my new DangerFox shirt, but I'm also also just liking selfies a bit when I'm feeling kinda good about myself. So look at this stylish pup!

Finished commission for @StarlightPath , of their Dorumon who's just a little Princessℒ️

Thank you so much again! You were such a dear to work with<3

Shares and feedback mean the world!

patreon layoffs

Seeing the writing on the wall for Patreon. Apparently they laid off a lot of the folks that worked on their software, and took on a lot of debt from VCs. If you're a creator on Patreon I suggest you start looking into alternatives. Things are about to get really strained in the creator space.

Bishop, tertiary OC who appeared in a few older narrative experiments.

me and my boyfriend snuggling up on the couch with a game

I stream art every thursday! if you wanna help pick what I draw, get the full res versions of my art, and get some other perks, please support me on patreon

While a lot of companies that make mice and keyboards and stuff do the classic pink tax. Where the pink edition is slightly more expensive because it's "limited edition" even though it's always made. Razer is the worst offender about this. The viper ultimate? 150$ Viper ultimate again exactly the same but it's pink? 200$

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