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I've been working on a personal site for my fluffy self. I've still got a lot that I want to do, but I am enjoying trying to build it all in HTML and CSS only with some JS-like interactions.

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I got a new ref sheet from!

Love puppy me :bowie_heart:

Yall, check out this amazing commision that I got from

It's me as a tamagotchi pup!

I was trying to get ray tracing working in Skyrim and it isn't working at all, but here's a debug screenshot if anyone needs vaporwave album art


Open until 4/22 or filled!
✨🌿Discount Theme - 4/20🌿✨

✨Please check out the form below for more info and samples:✨

hey everyone! I've launched my Patreon!

I'll be sharing works in progress and process posts there, posting art there first, and doing some art rewards for the higher tiers.

Take a look and consider joining! 🐻🍩

This was a really exciting commission for @troodon - probably the biggest commission I've done so far! It was a really fun challenge and I'm super happy with how it came out!

made in #inkscape

#MastoArt #ArtWithOpenSource #CommissionsOpen

I did a Nutmeg portrait a while back, but I thought I'd make an updated one as a little treat! And I wanted to make myself a badge, so I put a name on it and made it a badge! Still gotta get it printed.

Now I want summer and fresh strawberries to come faster...

made in #inkscape

#MastoArt #ArtWithOpenSource #CommissionsOpen

February commissions are open.

I will accept up to 3 slots, to be completed over the course of February.

* Each character, full body - $60 (limit 3 per drawing)
* Simple/abstract background - INCLUDED
* ADD complex backgrounds/scenery - $80+ (message me!)

* single-color, limited-color sketches, and character busts/icons available for $30

Please DM me with a character reference and your preferred contact method!

wooo, we are up to the latest glitch-soc! πŸ™Œ

My partner got a commission!!!!!! It's AMAZING

Time to get ready for the big night!! Featuring @maolfunction !!

Art by @gotsomehaps on twitter dot com

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