@jaycie I would love something like this. I've seen typewriter style ones before, and lusted after one in the 90's before I even had a laptop, but it didn't have the eInk display.

Device I want: a typewriter-type minimalist text editor with a primary eInk display that shows the whole doc and a much smaller LCD display for real-time edits to the current line, current state, and other high-refresh activities.

I wonder how readily I could make NeoVim work with that.

re: Pup play gear and stuff selfie ec not lewd 

@Mattie Pink is perfect on you. Get away from that "this is inherently rugged/dom/manly" stuff!

re: Pup play gear and stuff selfie ec not lewd 

@Mattie Ahhhh that looks so dang good on you! I love the color that you chose :bowie_heart:

re: mh- anxiety 

@Mattie It's like... nice that someone cares enough as a viewer that they want to see more from you.

But also not thinking very much about the actual person who is doing the stream and what is best for them

Pup play gear and stuff 

@Mattie Ooh I didn't know that you were getting one, lucky!

Pokesona idea posting 

@Mattie Sounds like a very cute pokesona for a cute fox

This drawing by GattoDyboski@twitter is still so fucking good. It's me

warning: this post contains exactly 2 pikachus 

:pikachu:​ :pikachu:​

Legend of Bowie: Barks of the Wild Returns! twitch.tv/bowiebarks

I'm also hanging out on Discord if anyone wants to chat during the playthrough

my gal Alexis is so pretty ~

Artwork by my friend AttacRacc

THESE ARE BACK IN STOCK! QUETZALCOATL DESIGN WILL BE RESTOCKED SOON! Get yours here: www.weejapeeja.com/product/kaiju-face-mask or here: www.etsy.com/mx/listing/837113624/kaiju-face-mask-de-monarobot
~ ~ ~
EL DISEΓ‘O DE QUETZALCOATL SERÁ REABASTECIDO PRONTO! Compra el tuyo aquΓ­: www.weejapeeja.com/product/kaiju-face-mask o aquΓ­: www.etsy.com/mx/listing/837113624/kaiju-face-mask-de-monarobot

#art #monarobot #masks #fediart #mastoart

*kobolds talking about collecting shiny rocks*

my brain:


That's right! Commissions will be open on 2/27 and the discount theme will be NEOPETS!

Limited slots! Commissions will open up 24hrs in advanced for Telegram Channel Members!

as long as I'm here I may as well post an old drawing that I did some little touch-ups to the other day. her proportions are still a little off, but I'm so happy with her face!!

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I am awake, it is the weekend, and you cannot stop me!

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