Streaming programs and stuff, could be really good to know 

@Mattie when I eventually try to start streaming again you should help me setup ;)

it's amazing how "if you don't like them block them" it's considered 'reasonable advice for the internet' until that someone is curating the space that they oversee, then SUDDENLY it's censorship

I got this wonderful piece of art from
with myself and my partner @68kHeart. I love how it turned out!! :bowie_heart: :bowie_blush:

Getting out of bed is extra hard if you wake up with a soft friend like this one in your arms.

@tsunderdog @Corgi I have friends who are going to a con even closer to now and in a state that is doing even worse on vaccinations.

Asking why they want to go when it's unsafe (and they didn't want to see anyone for the past year and a half), and they think they are just fine vaccinated and "think it'll be a shit show, and I want to be there for that".

Some people do not care about how you feel or your safety when doing this stuff.

Yeen curated TWITTER POST 

La policΓ­a pruebe tender una trampa a nuestros aliados dragones

my art, unicorn!! πŸ¦„βœ¨ 

I don't think I posted this here yet. it's a first pass at redesigning Zest.

their face is more goat-like now! (more like old timey traditional unicorns) got a longer mane too. they also have vertical pupils because why not. I like the idea of unicorns being a mish mash of animal features so why not take it further

may still experiment some more but I like the direction so far

Fu*ck it icon comms!!! Everyone told me like Β£22 (roughly $30 usd dollas) quid moneys would be ok

I've been working on a personal site for my fluffy self. I've still got a lot that I want to do, but I am enjoying trying to build it all in HTML and CSS only with some JS-like interactions.

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