Kangy is back in school!! But he's been busy so just a lil nap.... on the tail.... will be fine zzz...


@axakatl that's not a kink.

That's necessary.

Some more Twitch emote experiments for my lovely puffy friend @ceralor !

Finished commission of pandoras_foxo's (on Twitter) pokemon character!

bust I drew of Zest's new design. finally in full colour!

Gender, Reintros 

@blue Devon is a good name!

@Selindae I mean now I want to do that, so mission accomplished

Just @KetoPagano swimming 🏊

(painted on Galaxy Note 10 Lite and Infinite Painter app)

#MastoArt #Android #Painting

New profile picture by DemoWeasel on Twitter!

Snake is ✨ R E F R E S H E D ✨

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