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MY WIFE SURPRISED ME WITH A COMMISSION OF DRAGON AND AAA this is like the most beautiful thing i have ever seen look at herrrrrrrrrrr omg i love this so much im vibrating

selfie, ec 

I redid my hair and nails and I'm all about blue now and you just have to deal with it

foss is a failed ideology because it always had fucked up social and moral priorities. it only ever empowered privileged tech nerds and never achieved anything more than piracy didn’t also do.

for real, I can swear that 90% of the refurbished pcs from your non profit that you installed some linux distro on and gave to people ended up with a cracked version of windows xp installed by someone else after 3 months because it was too fucky/the software didn’t run.

I have nothing against the idea of free and open source software but it doesn’t deserve meaningful consideration until the individual and organisational figures of the movement retire permanently and are replaced by people who aren’t cishet white nerds who think the root of all evil is the windows vista calculator they can’t see the source code of rather than capitalism at large.

You've got just over an hour to sign up to get a newsletter written by me with the subject line "my head would explode, and then you would have to deal with that."

snakes are hissfriends

if you date one they become your kissfriend

music self promo I guess 

Hey I uploaded a new song on my soundcloud. Let me know what you think.

second-to-last reminder that i'll be streaming in an hour! it'll be my first real stream πŸ‘€

Why does RP in the furry community always mean sex and not our sonas go to the convenience store and eat snacks

For Β£10 I'll do a custom animal and find out some interesting facts! They'll be laid out like the red panda below

Ko-fi and donations are the only way we're keeping afloat and right now we need money for rent and food​

Bad furry sketch, skateboarding, OC lore stuff I guess 

Did a very quick sketch to try and get used to drawing in photoshop. Also just head lore I've been doing with my OCs. Idk what happened but last week or so my dragon sona has been very much a skater in my head. So I drew the derg hitting a rail Ty being the support and getting some cool shots and then bubblegum cheering on from the top of the stairs. Also yes I know this is trash, first time drawing in PS + the settings on my pad are wrong.

It is the morning and I am here and I am often quiet even when I lurk.

Good morning!

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