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reminder that i post exclusive wips on patreon ๐Ÿ‘€

art, eye contact 


(wip i think, likely gonna color later)

Ok, so the artist for Weirdogs was doing a sketch stream with an emo theme yesterday. I asked to combine an old commission (my sona holding a sylveon) with the theme of the stream.

This is perfect :bowie_laugh:

target pride month shit 

Iโ€™m gonna be honest, I kind of love this

My husband surprised me with kangy art from @/soureggnog on :birdsite:

Supermarket Sweep 

1980s: "What supermarket has *only* three checkstands open?"

2000s: "Holy shit, what supermarket still has three open checkstands?"

Gotta hold your waters, in this collage from 2018. Another collage with low Patron turnout and poor color theory. This is another one of those pieces I was just never satisfied with at any stage, I don't think it looks good at all.

new instance means new pinned toot! ๐ŸŒŸ

I'm Rusty, a red panda with a love of crusty old electronic things! I play lots of old video games, pull them apart and document them, and sometimes stream them over on Twitch. I'm also trying to get better at drawing!

alternate/18+ account:

fun fact: you own nothing to your biological family just because they're your relatives

I forgot that a school around here has a kangaroo mascot, so when my internship coordinator asked, "Do we have any roos here?" my ears PERKED UP

She did not mean virtual kangy, she met people who go the school lmao


yay, we're on the latest glitch-soc yall! family is updated
:bowie_music: :bowie_music: :bowie_music:

fucking uhh minecraft skin comms

ยฃ5 - ยฃ7 depending on character/outfit complexity

not sure how many of these i'll taker cus i have sketch comms i gotta do but we'll see drop me a dm if ur interested!!

(4th example is kinda old but it still works)

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