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A nice and fun outing for a couple of cuties!

Full scene commission for @chr , ft @Zest !

Thank you so much again, I’m so glad to be back to art! 😁

Interested in a full scene? They’re on sale for $100 per order, painted shading included!

my new phone color + case combo matches my nails and I needed yall to know

trapping and releasing animals for science, but some animals more willing than expected 


Got this new piece from @dzuk!! I don’t actually have a Toshiba Libretto but ze felt it would suit me well uwu

I got a sticker for my partner @68kHeart from @ljames to match one of my own. Bap bap bap bap!

Thank you for your adorable art yet again!

Ayo holy shit I'm dog and dragon at the same time and you can't do shit about it

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