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Hi folks! I just finished writing a short Novella for Nanowrimo! It's called "The Terson File". It's about a ghost town, and an oddball group of mystery hunting animals. You can download it here:

Any and all feedback appreciated!

Whoever invented concentration curls?? Why would you do that to me??


Done being responsible, time to become a weed smoking boi

Today I have to run online classes for the first time in a while, then I have to grade some stuff. I'd really like to draw at some point if possible

The last two weeks have been decidedly not the best, but I'm ready to start kicking some ass again. I'm gonna kick some ass!!

weed / valentine's 

husband got me this amazing "smokemon" rolling tray as a jokey valentine's gift

Alc, oh no 

Decided to have a normal saturday by getting completely fucked up and now I am paying for it at 3 am

I don't necessarily want or need attention for my creative output, but it definitely feels nice to hear that people are interested in my music. Otherwise I don't care and attention kind of makes me feel weird

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Been working so hard on music lately, but it's very difficult to gain any traction with it. Drawing tends to get more attention, but it's something I'm far less passionate about

This is basically my online journal. Dear Journal: fuck

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