cw violence?? i guess 

ya bear almost got stabbed this morning and now 3am is No Longer a magical time of day to go for a walk 😬

L James barked

I still firmly believe we need to reclaim web 1.0 and the good bits of 2.0; build a website, write a blog, follow each others’ RSS feeds, and help each other to do so

light complaining, communication woes followup 

feeling better about this situation btw since learning that the same person i was having difficulties with has since managed to have an entirely separate blowup with a different person in the same server over something arguably less meaningful. i know i'm not perfect but really thinkin at this point that the problem isn't me

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yells i keep missing every time bandcamp does their revenue waiving thing, i keep meaning to check out ppl's tunes and maybe Purchase when those come up but i never remember

light complaining, communication woes 

person accused me of "playing games" and i still literally dont know what they meant. is there just a huge chunk of how communication and conversations work that i'm missing??? i swear they were finding meanings in my posts that were not in the text i wrote. just feeling kinda weird and discouraged about it i guess, like about talking in general. heck

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light complaining, communication woes 

sometimes i really feel like i'm missing something Major in communication, like in general. like i have the text version of resting bitch face or something. mild difference in perspective? aggression. clarify something? aggression. say i'm not being passive aggressive? aggression. trying to figure out wtf someone's on about? i'm being aggressive!! i wish i knew what to do, i tend to read my own posts as pretty neutral

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light complaining, communication woes 

gggg few things more frustrating than trying to have a convo with someone who reads passive aggression in Everything. like we're agreeing on things why does this feel like an argument. what are u Doing

woo woo alarm 

i think retrograde ends today. thank goodness, maybe i can hear from people and kick some things off the to-do list soon

these posts are brought to you by my room smelling like soil because i started pepper seeds yesterday and used fresh compost

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it's me, i need to stick my face in some compost

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sometimes you just wanna go beyond telling someone to touch grass. some people really need to just stick their entire face in some compost

woo woo alarm 

mercury is in retrograde, that explains a lot. i'm Yelling

L James barked

how did the irs "not receive" my 2020 tax return but the fatass check i sent with it in the same envelope cleared back in march. riddle me that

L James barked

donation request, trans, :boosts_ok_gay: 

Every year my husband and I make holiday gift bags for the lgbtq+ youth who are living with a local non-profit (Zebra Coalition) because of homelessness and isolation. Over the next week we're collecting donations to buy more gift cards for them.

Please help+share!

We are trying to hit $800 to add an additional $20 for each of the 40 gift bags we're making.

donate here:

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long post, kinda negative but not really? 

on thanksgiving, i was talking with family about the convention situation and tentatively thinking of trying my home con in feb 2022.

and now just this week, news of the new variant! tweets about an omicron case at a big anime con! so. maybe no home con this year

maybe i should be more upset? but actually I'm just astonished at how (the universe? my intuition? god???) will find a way to get me useful information when i'm stuck on some dilemma

i miscalculated by cutting my fingie nails when, it turns out, i actually really need some length on those to shell acorns easily

long post, light complaining 

like i have the knowhow to set up memberships on my own site, i had just hoped i wouldn't have to do that already, and it was nice working with a platform with some trust and brand recognition. being in business, surviving and navigating capitalism, AND having principles is annoyingly hard to juggle

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