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nsfw mentioned mutuals gimme ur ocs 


gimme ur ocs so i can have them if i ever wanna draw them

no guarantees!!!!

tell me if u prefer sfw or nsfw!!!!!!!!!!

also cus ur all fucking horny for my ocs if u wanna have something with any of them

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drawn ec, body weirdness, yes I have more 

Did more of these sketches last night, been really enjoying just taking concepts and trying to do em in this style. It's been fun to jus make things. Also tried some anthro-er body plans as well

hihihi im doing a comm which will have like a graffiti covered wall (well like 3) if anyone wants a small cameo lmk

New to this instance; here we go!
I’m Sunny Sockeye, here’s where I’ll be keeping my NSFW commissions and content!
First image is my main; Tucker!
Second is my new secondary, Bandicoot!
See my contact info above!

Commission info and other websites here!

Want to support me? Maybe you’ll consider sending me a donation!
Cashapp; $chestnutcham

nsfw shitpost 

show that im against the usa by being uncut

god listneting to the ultrakill greed music again 4-1 and 4-2 just kinda sound the same as all the other ultrakill music so theyre boring but fine 4-3 is really grating to me and 4-4 is just versuses but slightly differnet

was hoping for more interesting stuff tbh

my ff14 journey is working out how to look like a slut so far ive gotten thigh highs but thats it

this was gonan bea reply to gulfie but i forgot to click reply so here it is

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More art fightery

Character is named Goose and uses he/him/they/them, for user NeverSkipEggDay


no beat from the trigun ost goes off tho

music adj? 

ok but why did jordana follow me back on twitter????

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