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nsfw mentioned mutuals gimme ur ocs 


gimme ur ocs so i can have them if i ever wanna draw them

no guarantees!!!!

tell me if u prefer sfw or nsfw!!!!!!!!!!

also cus ur all fucking horny for my ocs if u wanna have something with any of them

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ive become the toxic ocean fisher who leaves if the first stop sucks

god i hate tower at paradigms breach its so fucking slow and jsut has so much forced waiting and all the fights just take slightly too long

i would rather get lota cus at least lota is over fast

endwalker is like so close to being released but also still so far and it has me MALDING i wanna be a bnuuy twink already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

average nier raid fan

average orbonne monestary enjoyer

shoutout to the voice actors in orbonne they did really fucking good jobs

Cheapo keyboard is here so I’ll try and get some art done later

big cook little cook are in a macro micro relationship

i keep reading fc not as furry con but as football club

im gonna order a super cheap usb keyboard to sit on top of my laptop cus fuck finding a replacement one literally all of them are for the smaller variant with no numpad

man that laptop keyboard being wrong has absolutley killed any desire to do art rn

i think the only song in ff14 i activley dislike is the live version of locus the guitar repalcing the bass jsut doesnt work for me at all

Ordering the wrong keyboard for my laptop has fucked my drawing motivation so hard wtf

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