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nsfw mentioned mutuals gimme ur ocs 


gimme ur ocs so i can have them if i ever wanna draw them

no guarantees!!!!

tell me if u prefer sfw or nsfw!!!!!!!!!!

also cus ur all fucking horny for my ocs if u wanna have something with any of them

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re: music 

might make an edit to extend the chill parts so i can use it as a set ender

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jordanas remix of music sounds better with you tho

twitter link self promo i guess 

new twitter account sfw main or something

hopping between those tomi doodles and a painting rn

i know i need to work on those tomi doodle things but funny san anders

re: nsfw, furry comm 

im honestly not super happy with how this one turned out but everyone else seems to be lmao

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What if I just played san anders instead of drawing today >:)

give tomi eye shadow sometimes

still doing gay little sketchbook doodles for a fiver

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