nsfwish doodles 

some quick doodles to get the vibe of villain tomi across

re: nsfwish doodles 

also obviously he is worthless in hand to hand combat

nsfwish doodles 

I think he’d definitely have the might just betray the main villain to help the hero’s thing (even if just temporary) thing going on

re: nsfwish doodles 

adding 2 this his powers would be physical constructs only he couldnt make like energy balls are whatever but he could what is essentially a bullet at you

his powers and all magic in this world would require a lot of concentration to use so any injuries could break someones concentration making any healers a highly valued resource

re: nsfwish doodles 

he would definitely have one of those episodes where he has to reluctantly work with the hero so they can both survive something

nsfwish doodles :over18: 

@reno why is the concept that tomi's dick could have been bigger as a villain for no reason so funny

nsfwish doodles :over18: 

@autumnontape someone joked at me asking does he have an 8 incher now so i added that clarification lmao

nsfwish doodles 

@reno *urge to be a villainfucker intensifies*

re: nsfwish doodles 

@reno that angry tomi is my new favorite thing, so expressive

re: nsfwish doodles 

@anna THANK U

personally im a big fan of just beat the hero in a fight tomi (the one where hes saying pathetic)

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