Reno barked

bleh feeling not very into drawing today at least ive still made a bit of work on stuff

august is so awful and cringe its kinda endearing

feelign this isnt a make lots of preogress on art day and tbh thats fine i at least got a bit of progress on stuff already

should i.... post august wips for the world

Reno barked
Reno barked

nsfw, furry comm 

(twitter)Murakami1211 gave me another comm to finish that sketch

Reno barked

nsfw, furry doodle rough sex 

sorry gamers but im just gonna leave this as a doodle

Reno barked

vrchat help 

vrchat people help me out

I just want an animation to play to rotate the props

the animation layer seems to enter the right state (per debug menu) but I see nothing animating

in Unity, I can hit play, then assign the animation controller, and they'll spin, so I'm not sure what I'm missing?

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