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curtain call isnt that hard of a mechanic but oh my god putting a 1 person can wipe everyone lol in the fight around when the boss is at like 5% is so mean

i kinda wish this savage tiers dps checks were harder accross the board the only one with one is p4s phase 1 and kinda phase 2 i like actually have stakes if i die as a dps

i dont care if they were hard on week 1 pentamelded crafted thats not the experience most players will have

Reclears tomorrow im really gonna try and get purples in 1,2 and 3 to match the 82 I got on p4s phase 1 for phase 2 im not really fussed what I get, I've only cleared it once getting a 51

i wanna try some of the old savage ssynced too like whatever the hell is going on in hello world during o12s

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or the whole dont touch another player or we all die during bj cc like give me these awful mechnanics please

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I think I really want to get into ultimates now the current savage content is just nit enough anymore I need to suffer I want to solve whatever the fuck is going on during wormhole in tea

nsfw, furry comm twitter link 

august and @Gulfie in one drawing its more likely than u think

cus at this point maybe i should try making my own

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i think i should start gathering gamers for a tier 2 static

the i want half the party to kill each other strat

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if u still do tm north during foa you shouldnt be allowed to host a party finder

when i get drg bis which will likely be this weeks reclears sicne i should be fed loot by all the otehr people im going with i wanna see about learning scholar this tier

honestly excited for the next savage tier but also i need a static for it if pf is this bad on the first tier i dread the 2nd

for this weeks reclears i wanan get purples on p1,2 and 3

i got an 82 on p4s ophase 1 and im not even bis so

oops i forgor to do my daily doodles for 3 days in a row

ff14 caps 


mistakes happen but like if we dont clear phase 1 after a few pulls idk

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oh my god!!!!! i love that a p4s phase 2 clear party is just a phase 1 prog party!!! i love ff14 players!!!

i haev done every p4s mechanic now i just need t odo clean up then clear

am i about to sub in for a dsr group later lmao

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