the romans were aint shit clowns and i'm prepared to die on this hill.

masto premium option where you have to pay to block me

NSFW POV commission slots!! 

POV nsfw comms!

I’m taking five slots, have a good view of your sona having a good time from the perspective of their partner!

Any species, any genitals, any pose (doesn’t have to be oral!)

$70 base per slot; want background details or more painted detail? Dm me and we can hash out a quote!

Shares mean the world, please feel free to dm me here or on telegram (sunnysockeye) if you’re interested in snagging a slot!

Check thread for availability 💕

el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz is our #blackhistorymonth spotlight today, you may know him better as Malcolm X 💮 Malcolm X was a tireless advocate for Black liberation, Black separatism, and Black self-defense. He was also a Muslim minister, first associated with the Nation of Islam, then with his own Muslim Mosque, Inc 💮 Yesterday, on the 56th anniversary of his death, his family released evidence that he was assassinated by the NYPD and FBI. Previously, it has largely been blamed on the NOI.

mh (negative) 

Being told that your suspicions and feelings were valid and not imagined, and instead of feeling better it makes you feel like absolute shit

e-begging but also good news 

So yesterday I looked at a room to rent after finally getting a response from places I looked into. I talked with the owner, the room is decent sized and cozy. The payments are weekly and I can afford them.

Last night I filled out a background check and I got confirmed for the room. This morning I sent my first payments. I did it. ;-;

My last issue now is that I have no furniture of my own. Not even a bed. Any help goes towards that ;-;

"Armed with a privileged education, these assimilados were faced with a dilemma: either to struggle for their self-advancement in the framework of colonial society or to arm themselves culturally to challenge and destroy the system of domination. In other words, it was a matter of choosing between two views of life: either individual ascent by accepting the system’s rules, or total rejection, in effect breaking away in order to open the way to freedom for the strata most oppressed by colonialism."

Mario de Andrade, writing of the African students in portugal who founded the liberation movements that defeated an empire.

just watched james and the giant peach tht was So beautiful wheres My found family of gay bugs

Helpful hint for leftist and libs alike: before you send the post ask yourself a question:

1) is the primary purpose of this post to dunk on folks without heat, water, and access to food?

Eat some toast, you goons.

nonbinary encompasses a whole world of experiences; you don't have to justify yours

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Anime fans are divided between "fandoms" and "fansubs".

transmisogynoir, antiblackness, death, real bitter 

"Trans rights are human rights" but in a country where no more than 15% of all people are Black the overwhelming majority of trans women who are killed are Black.

These people will say "trans rights are human rights" after calling the cops on niggas like...fuck y'all.

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