dividing goths into subcategories based on which shitty guillermo del toro movie they love

pick which one you love and reveal to me a dangerous amount of your soul

don't @ me but:

hellboy: you unironically have liked steampunk at at least one point in ur life
pacrim: you always wanted to dress goth but u were a stem kid so you couldn't
mama: forest gremlin goth. shit taste in horror films
crimson peak: straight out of the box classic goth. im not sure what you see in tom hiddleston but i will find it in my heart to forgive you


@myconidiosyncrasy hellboy + pacific rim means that I never dressed or seemed very goth to people but at home I have a shelf with 3 skulls next to an old-timey spyglass

@myconidiosyncrasy one of them is a real skull of a raccoon. I was so happy that I kept the little info card they gave me about it

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