monogamy is when you only play one video game

I know this isn't like, hard-hitting analysis lol, just thinking out loud

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Being on Twitter puts me in a hot take mindset that's almost certainly unhealthy. To that end, I feel like thinking through the impact of what you say is very secondary on social media. A lot of the focus ends up on the most hard-hitting, most attention-grabbing statements.

Evidently I never made an introduction on here!

My name is Shooshy, I'm an admin on both and

I'm a queer jackalope, pronouns they/them or fae/faer. Currently a history student and barista on an organizing committee.

I have a lot of interests and also a lot of mental illness, so feel free to reach out at any time but don't take it personally if I take a while to get back to you. It's not you, it's me, for real.

Anyway! Glad to meet you all.

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@noyovo I guess it's nice to see that a lot of people really do hate Apartheid Man

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@faho that's what happens when we let liberals write a story

Of all the things fedi gets jokingly called, "webbed site" is actually pretty accurate

@myconidiosyncrasy one of them is a real skull of a raccoon. I was so happy that I kept the little info card they gave me about it

@myconidiosyncrasy hellboy + pacific rim means that I never dressed or seemed very goth to people but at home I have a shelf with 3 skulls next to an old-timey spyglass

@PsyChuan I'm doing pretty well! Finally got a job offer after 6 months or so of looking, so feeling pretty good about that

Okay, now what we want is, like, a history of Senegalese anti-colonialism & anti-imperialism throughout the 20th century.

Been a while since I was on here, huh? What's everyone up to?

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